Course Objective

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You will learn how to support play based learning in early childhood education with digital technology that will respond to a child's capabilities and learning needs. This course is NOT about understanding digital play research, but IS about providing you with the 'practical and immediately actionable" strategies and steps that you can APPLY today and which is derived from the current research on digital play in the early years.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Understanding Digital Play

    • Understanding Digital Play in the Early Years

    • What does digital play look like? How to encourage digital play?

    • When should children start to engage in Digital Play?

    • What can children learn with digital play?

    • The Role of Digital Play in the Early Years

    • What kinds of digital technologies is best?

  • 3

    Creative Play in Early Childhood Education

  • 4

    Promote Learning without Failure

    • How does role play help a child's development?

    • Planning Role play with digital technologies

    • DAP digital resources for role playing

    • How to involve the children in setting up role play areas?

    • How to be involved in digital role play for preschoolers?

    • Supporting communication, language and literacy and Mathematical

    • Connecting digital and non-digital play

    • How to use programmable toys in role play?

    • Teaching strategies to encourage technology role playing experiences

    • Health and Safety with Digital Play

  • 5

    Digital Technologies and Outdoor Play

    • Technology and the Outdoor learning environment

    • Managing digital technology outdoors

    • What is your role as a Teacher/Adult?

    • Choosing a digital camera

    • Children using a digital camera

  • 6

    Planning for Play Based Learning

    • Why is planning important in ECE?

    • Planning to challenge young children

    • How will relationships inform your planning?

    • Teacher Knowledge of ICT Resources

    • Choosing meaningful ICT tools and resources

    • Appropriate Practices

  • 7

    Theory to Practice 1

    • Planning for Digital Play

  • 8

    Linking HITS to Play based learning

    • How to set learning goals for students?

    • How to structure lessons?

    • Explicit Teaching practices

    • Worked Examples

    • Collaborative learning

    • Multiple Exposures

    • Questioning

    • Feedback

    • Metacognitive Strategies

    • Differentiated Instruction with Technology

  • 9

    Play and Pedagogy in Early Childhood

    • What is Early Childhood Pedagogy? How does it connect to digital technology integration in early childhood education?

    • Understanding Children’s Technological Development

    • Supporting technological learning and development

    • Mediated learning experiences

    • Guided interaction in a digital context

  • 10

    Observing and Assessing Children's Digital Play

    • Monitoring and observation

    • Expected level of ICT Capability in Digital Play

    • Issues in Observing and Assessing digital play

    • Guidance on observation and assessment of ICT capability in Digital play

    • Progression in Digital Play

  • 11

    Next Steps...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go, tell me what you learnt in the course