Building your capacity as an ICT leader in education

School ICT Policy Advice

Establishing a secure place for ICT integration to occur means developing a school ICT policy that will encourage an ICT culture. Get your free copy inside.

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How Educational Leaders can inspire change?

Promoting a culture in ICT integration

The first thing is to have a vision and this is supported by your understanding on the basis for change as an educational leader. You also need to model change and demonstrate the effective use of ICT throughout the school.

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Visionary Leadership in Education

Being a true visionary is about having a definite idea of what should take place with technology solutions for the classroom. These technology solutions must be about the here and the now of the available technologies and not about the next big technological development that you hope will solve your ICT problems. For this to occur, it requires you to have a thorough understanding of the current environment.

What is effective leadership in schools?

Effective leadership in schools in relation with ICT/technology integration is to do with improving your personal skills, communication skills and leading for impact in ICT capability attainment.  When it comes to learning progression and continuity, then ICT leadership matters.

What you will learn

  • 1


    • What are your course bonuses?

    • How to get the most from this course?

    • Why do schools need ICT leaders like yourself?

    • Let's begin with the basics

    • Analyse the Situation

    • Self-Audit

  • 2

    How to link School ICT Policy to Practice?

    • Current perceptions and expectations of ICT leaders

    • Making a start

    • Connecting Pedagogies

    • How to jump over barriers towards successful leadership?

    • How to improve your effectiveness as a leader?

    • Promoting a culture of Lasting Change

    • Clarifying your Goals

    • Becoming an effective communicator

    • Developing personal skills

    • How to create outstanding meetings?

    • What do you need to know about Teacher competence in ICT?

  • 3

    School ICT Policy Development

    • Why have a policy?

    • ICT Policy Early Years

    • ICT Policy for Primary School

    • Strategic Planning for Schools

    • Developing an ICT-Infused strategic plan for schools

    • Developing the Plan

    • Vision Statement for Schools

    • Technology Mission Statement for Schools

    • Tips for Writing the ICT Policy

    • A Whole School Approach

    • Recommended Structure of ICT Policy

    • School ICT Policy Action Plan

    • Managing and Monitoring the ICT Policy

    • Managing Progress

  • 4

    Staff Development of ICT Capability

    • Developing Teacher ICT Capability

    • Understanding the need for CPD for Teachers

    • Planning Staff Development Days (Inservice preparation)

    • What makes effective ICT Professional Development?

    • Conducting Staff Development Days for Teachers

    • Evaluating your performance

    • Developing your own Capabilities in ICT as a Leader in Education

    • Developing ICT Capable Senior Management

    • Module Reflection

  • 5

    Protecting the Digital Child

    • Digital Citizenship

    • E-safety for All

    • Cyber bullying

    • Module Reflection

  • 6

    Next step

    • More resources for you

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