What you will learn

  • 1


    • What are your course bonuses?

    • How to get the most from this course?

    • Why do schools need ICT leaders like yourself?

    • Let's begin with the basics

    • Analyse the Situation

    • Self-Audit

  • 2

    How to link School ICT Policy to Practice?

    • Current perceptions and expectations of ICT leaders

    • Making a start

    • Connecting Pedagogies

    • How to jump over barriers towards successful leadership?

    • How to improve your effectiveness as a leader?

    • Promoting a culture of Lasting Change

    • Clarifying your Goals

    • Becoming an effective communicator

    • Developing personal skills

    • How to create outstanding meetings?

    • What do you need to know about Teacher competence in ICT?

  • 3

    School ICT Policy Development

    • Why have a policy?

    • ICT Policy Early Years

    • ICT Policy for Primary School

    • Strategic Planning for Schools

    • Developing an ICT-Infused strategic plan for schools

    • Developing the Plan

    • Vision Statement for Schools

    • Technology Mission Statement for Schools

    • Tips for Writing the ICT Policy

    • A Whole School Approach

    • Recommended Structure of ICT Policy

    • School ICT Policy Action Plan

    • Managing and Monitoring the ICT Policy

    • Managing Progress

  • 4

    Staff Development of ICT Capability

    • Developing Teacher ICT Capability

    • Understanding the need for CPD for Teachers

    • Planning Staff Development Days (Inservice preparation)

    • What makes effective ICT Professional Development?

    • Conducting Staff Development Days for Teachers

    • Evaluating your performance

    • Developing your own Capabilities in ICT as a Leader in Education

    • Developing ICT Capable Senior Management

    • Module Reflection

  • 5

    Protecting the Digital Child

    • Digital Citizenship

    • E-safety for All

    • Cyber bullying

    • Module Reflection

  • 6

    Next step

    • More resources for you