Course Objective

You will learn how to lay the foundation for an effective policy by employing strategies that encompass a whole school approach to ICT in Education.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of having an ICT Policy for your school

  • Design an ICT policy with elements that will empower staff and students.

  • Embed principles in practice that will change the culture of your school.

  • Manage and monitor the ICT policy proficiently

  • Employ a strategic plan the integration of ICT at your school

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course

    • Message from the instructor

    • The proven benefits of this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2


    • Why have a school ICT Policy?

    • What are the ICT policies in teaching and learning?

    • A Whole School approach

  • 3

    School Action Planning

    • School ICT Policy Action plan

    • Theory into Practice: Development Exercise

  • 4

    The Structure of your ICT Policy

    • Recommended Structure of ICT Policy

    • ICT Policy Auditing

  • 5

    Vision and Mission Statements

    • Developing the Plan

    • Vision Statements

    • Developing Technology Vision Statements for Schools

    • Sharing perspectives in ICT Integration

    • Eliminating Obstacles

    • Sharing Examples

    • Mission Statements

    • Drafting your Mission Statement

    • Theory to Practice: Leadership Exercise

  • 6

    Strategic Planning

    • Developing an ICT-Infused strategic plan for schools

    • Strategic Planning for Schools

  • 7

    Change Management

    • Managing and Monitoring the ICT Policy

    • Managing Progress

  • 8

    Sticking with it

    • Course Review

    • Tips for Writing the ICT Policy

    • Before you go...

Why have a School ICT Policy

To guide lesson planning;

  • To inform teachers and students what is expected of them;
  • To identify the ICT resources needed;
  • To inform in-service training (INSET).

The school ICT Policy that you will learn to develop is important in generating the right attitudes and practices concerning ICT capability in the school.

Meet your Instructor

Director/Course Facilitator

Michael Hilkemeijer

As a teacher for over 15 years, Michael has taught and learned about the effective use of technology in education through his teaching practices and studies. He has a Masters in Education (ICTE) that focuses on effective instructional design and for over the past 8 years he has studied literature and case studies on the art of successful technology integration in education - the development of ICT capability. Through this process, he has written many articles, both online and in national magazines on the best practices for teachers in early childhood and primary education to develop ICT capability. One of which is the continual support of teachers in their professional learning.

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