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Technology Integration in early childhood education teaching resources and Primary teaching resources including online PD, webinar replays, ICT integrated lesson plans, professional reading eBooks, and lots more.
ICT workshops for teachers

Course Qualities

  • Self-Paced

    This course is self-paced and you can do it anytime and anywhere. Learn and apply it in your own teaching and learning environment.

  • Curriculum Aligned

    This course uses case studies from the Australian Early Years Learning Framework.

  • Classroom ready

    This course is designed to be implemented within your own teaching and learning environment. It encourages the application of theories and strategies learned.

Course curriculum

    1. Before we begin...

    1. Benefits of digital storytelling for students

    2. How to use digital storytelling in the classroom

    3. Digital storytelling and literacy development in ECE

    4. Enabling a sense of Self

    5. What is your role?

    6. Characteristics of the Digital storytelling setting

    7. Digital storytelling and Multimodal Literacy

    8. How digital storytelling supports learner characteristics and Teaching Strategies

    9. Assessing Digital storytelling

    10. Application of Strategies

    11. Critical Reflection submission

    1. More resources for you

    2. Before you go...

About this course

  • $180.00
  • 14 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content