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"A great course with lots of information about embedding ICT and assessing students' ICT capability in primary schools. "

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NESA and TQI accredited course

Completing this online workshop will contribute to 5 hours of NESA and TQI PD addressing 2.6.2 and 5.1.2 of Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Highly Accomplished teacher accreditation in NSW, Qld , Vic and the ACT in Australia.


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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Analysing the Situation

    • Why use formative assessment strategies in Primary School?

    • TPACK and SAMR: Where does this course fit in?

    • Module Reflection

    • Module Survey

  • 3

    The Case Study - Using Formative Assessment strategies in Primary School to determine a starting point in ICT Capability

    • Why ICT capability as a case study in Primary Education?

    • Getting the basics - What is ICT?

    • An Example of ICT Capability in a Curriculum -(Using the Australian Curriculum)

    • What software is best for the development of ICT capability?

    • In what learning context can ICT Capability be assessed?

    • What am I assessing?

    • What is the desired destination?

    • Teacher Competence

    • Module Reflection

    • Module Survey

  • 4

    Learning Progression

    • Overview

    • Current Recommendations

    • Making student progression a priority

    • Case Study: The Importance of Learning Progression in ICT Capability

    • Case Study: Planning for Learning Progression

    • Case Study: What is Learning Progression in ICT Capability

    • Case Study: Factors of Learning Progression in ICT Capability

    • Module Reflection

    • Module Survey

  • 5

    Keeping Track of Student Progress

    • Records for Teachers

    • Classroom Practices that monitor and inform learning

    • How does accurately tracking student data affect instructional decisions?

    • How does keeping accurate records affect your communications?

    • Case Study: Designing Records to Track ICT capability

    • Case Study: Tips on Keeping Effective Records in ICT Capability

    • ICT Capability Formative Assessment Pack

    • End of School

    • Module Reflection

    • Module Survey

  • 6

    Maintaining Effective Records of Student data

    • Monitoring student progress

    • How to maintain records?

    • Tracking student progress successfully

    • Case Study: Monitoring Children's ICT Capability

    • Case Study: Recording children's ICT capability

    • Module Reflection

    • Module Survey

  • 7

    Planning and Assessment

    • Planning for Assessment

    • Identifying opportunities for Assessment

    • Using the Level descriptors in the ICT Capability Learning Continuum

    • What are the issues in Assessing ICT Capability?

    • Module Reflection

    • Module Survey

  • 8

    How can I assess ICT Capability? What do I need to know and why?

    • The Assessment of ICT Capability

    • Designing Quality Assessments

    • Structuring activities for assessment

    • Summative or Formative?

    • Using 'WALT', 'WILF' and 'TIB'

    • Tell me what I need to know and why

    • How to assess a student's Higher Order Thinking Skills?

    • Identifying Learning Outcomes

    • What evidence do I need to collect?

    • Module Reflection

    • Module Survey

  • 9

    Using Assessment Effectively

    • What makes a good record of a student's learning progression in ICT Capability?

    • How do you find the time to record a student's learning progression?

    • Sharing Perspectives across Schools

    • Creating Criteria for Marking Assessments

    • Reporting to Parents: What to write about and How?

    • Other tips to Remember...

    • Module Reflection

    • Module Survey

  • 10

    Coordinating and Deciding on ICT Assessments

    • What assessment do I focus on?

    • Measuring Student Competency with ICT

    • Primary Student Questionaire

    • Module Reflection

    • Module Survey

  • 11

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

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