Course Objective

You will learn how to implement open-minded and meaningful ICT experiences that support your pedagogy and understanding by exploring creative opportunities in your learning environment and developing a hands-on learning approach.
Promoting creativity in early childhood education

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Teacher Takeaways

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Integrate ICT in an imaginative way to deliver your early years curriculum.

  • Increase the quality of what is taught and learned in the Early Learning goals.

  • Build on a young child's capabilities in ICT creatively.

  • Foster collaborative learning approaches in early learning activities.

  • Support young children in finding creative solutions.

  • Encourage young children to share their creative representations.

How we build your capacity as an early childhood teacher?

Study materials and worksheets

Feel supported in your use of our complete study material that consist mostly of worksheets. The study material will enable you to develop tools and techniques.
nurturing creativity in early childhood education

ECE Educational Path

ICT Competency for ECE Teachers

Discovering ICT is about building and developing basic computer competencies, committed to your personal skills (i.e., bound to one’s own computer, learning to utilize it offline, outside the virtual world).
Technology in early childhood education
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