Course Objective

You will learn how to develop effective plans for your early childhood setting when deciding to integrate ICT by adapting key examples and strategies that will enhance your current short term and long term goals, and that will critically enable you to ensure that progression occurs in the future.

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Technology Integration in early childhood education teaching resources and Primary teaching resources including online PD, webinar replays, ICT integrated lesson plans, professional reading eBooks, and lots more.
ICT workshops for teachers

Planning in early childhood education

At the heart of every effective curriculum, is a progressive plan for the learning and development of children in early childhood. In this member’s exclusive technology in early childhood education resource, you will focus on programming and planning in early childhood settings in relation to the integration of ICT in early childhood learning activities.

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Australian Professional Standards for Early Childhood Teachers 2.6.2 and 3.4.2
CPD for early years teachersE

Course curriculum

    1. Why is planning important in ECE?

    2. Why plan for technology integration in early childhood education?

    3. The Importance of Technology Integration in ECE

    4. Considering Appropriate Uses - DATEC Guidelines and more!

    5. How will relationships inform your planning?

    6. Teacher Knowledge of ICT Resources

    1. Case Study

    2. Observation

    3. Assess

    4. Plan

    5. Implement

    6. Critically Reflect

    7. Key points

    1. Considering Educational Theories in Lesson Planning

    2. Continuity and Progression in Lesson Planning

    3. What is progression in ICT in Early Childhood Education?

    4. Using the Early Learning goals

    5. Lesson planning in Early Childhood Education✍🎙🎶🎹💻🖨🖲🖱

    6. Matching ICT Resources to Intended Learning

    1. Introduction

    2. Understanding dispositions

    3. Documenting ICT Learning

    1. How to plan for communicative competencies with technology?

    2. Activity

    3. Computer games: play and learning

    4. Planning to challenge young children

    5. Planning the process of digital story telling

    6. Casestudy 1

About this course

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