Why Early Childhood Professional Development is critical?

Complex and continual professional development of ECE teachers is a key requirement of the productive integration of ICT into early childhood learning activities. If the foundation to effective ICT capability is to be achieved, then ECE teachers need to be supported so that they have well-developed understandings of the role and potential of ICT for supporting young children’s learning, as well as practical skills in knowing how to make the best use of the technology.

How professional development relates to the EYLF principles?

The EYLF is the recognised learning framework under the NQF. It provides the foundation for ensuring all children aged 0-5 years receive quality teaching and learning outcomes. EYLF principles encourage Educators to participate in professional development. In accordance with the 'Statement on Young Children and Digital Technologies'  this online PD for early childhood educators and carers shares the same views and principles in its content and delivery practice.

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6 plus courses how to successfully integrate technology in ECE

ICT Competency for ECE Teachers

The format and contents of the online PD for early childhood educators and carers is based on the structure of the PD programme for ECE that UNESCO developed and implemented. Its content is structured into three educational paths which UNESCO consider to constitute three components of the initial ICT competency for early childhood teachers.

  1. Discovering ICT
  2. Learning with ICT
  3. Integrating ICT

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We cater to 2 educational paths as recommended by UNESCO.

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What professional development means for early childhood pedagogy?

This professional development has the objective to extend teacher's professional development and to advance their skills in pedagogy, collaboration, leadership and innovative school development using ICT. With new technologies comes the need for new roles for teachers, and new pedagogies.

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