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Literacy with ICT in the Primary Curriculum

ICT has the potential to support effective teaching and learning throughout the curriculum. One of the most important contributions that ICT can make in supporting learning in literacy is that of helping teachers provide students with resources that allow them to focus on the specific learning objectives for a lesson and avoid getting bogged down in other issues.

Whole School Development of Literacy with ICT

A complete range of support for the whole school.

Our whole school development of literacy with ICT includes instructional online courses from Foundation to Year 5 and that ALL feature course ebooks that contain lesson plan templates, activities and strategies. Take a look below to see your bonuses today.

Foundation Year Literacy with ICT

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Year 1 Literacy with ICT

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Year 2 Literacy with ICT

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Year 3 Literacy with ICT

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Year 4 Literacy with ICT

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Year 5 Literacy with ICT

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Literacy and ICT in the primary school

Developing the General Capabilities

As ICT can enhance literacy learning and development, you can also teach ICT capability as it is best developed in meaningful subject-related activities such as literacy.