Are you looking for exciting ways to stimulate your preschooler's imagination and foster their creativity?

Look no further!

In this digital age, technology can be a powerful tool to engage and inspire young minds. 

With the right activities and guidance, preschoolers can develop their cognitive skills while exploring their imagination in a fun and interactive way. 

From interactive apps to hands-on projects, there are countless options to choose from that will capture your child's attention and encourage their creative thinking. 

In this Technology in Early Childhood Education resource, download a variety of engaging preschool technology activities that are specifically designed to spark creativity and ignite your child's imagination. 

So, get ready to embark on a digital adventure and discover how technology can be a valuable ally in your little one's creative development!

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    2. Creative Development ECE Lesson Plan 1

    3. What can you do with computers?

    4. What can you do with digital cameras?

    5. What can you do with digital video recorders?

    6. What can you do with graphics software?

    7. Do you need real technology?

    8. What about web cams?

    9. Do you know what to do with smartboards?

    10. Preschool lesson plan for Shapes (creativity with ICT)

    11. Playing with Walkie-talkies

    12. Painting over a digital photo

    13. Modelling drawing repeat patterns

    14. Language & communication & Creative play - speech bubbles

    15. Drawing with programmable toys

    16. Creative play - technology walk and craft activity

    17. Creative play - Modelling techniques

    18. Creative play - drawing and colouring

    19. Creative Development ECE Lesson Plan 1

    1. Preschool lesson plan Bee bot school bus (Problem-solving)

    2. Problem solving activities for preschoolers - Adventure games

    3. Problem solving activity - Abstract art with Bee Bot

    4. Problem solving activity - Drawing with programmable toys

    5. Problem solving activity - Turning the bee bot into a butterfly

    6. Problem solving activity Taking apart a computer

    7. Counting to 10 with spreadsheets

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    2. 2D - what makes shapes unique

    3. 2D - Creating images with shapes

    4. Preschool lesson plan Shapes - 2D - Find the shapes

    5. Preschool lesson plan Shapes - 2D - Roll a shape and trace it

    6. Share your own ideas for ICT integrated preschool lesson plans/activities

    7. Preschool lesson plan Shapes - 2D - Creating real world images with shape

    1. Creative name writing

    2. digital storytelling EYLF 5-5 and 5-3

    3. digital storytelling 2

    4. Bee bots- language & communication lesson & problem solving

    5. Talking Tins - communication lesson

    6. Communication - video conferencing

    7. Walkie talkie - communication lesson

    8. Emojis & symbols - language & communication lesson

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    10. Keyboard typing- communication lesson

    11. Language - Retelling a narrative

    12. Rocket ship creative play - communication lesson

    13. Predictive text EYLF 5-3

    14. Role playing with DT - communication lesson

    15. Role playing waiting for transport EYLF outcome 5-3

    16. Understanding digital cameras and images - communication

    17. Digital storytelling 2

    18. Missing letters on the IWB - language & communication lesson

    19. Digital images, literacy and narratives - language &

    20. Describing emotions on images

    1. Year 1 Literacy 1

    2. Year 1 Literacy 1.1 Pre Lesson

    3. Year 1 Literacy 1.2 Delivering the lesson

    4. Year 1 Literacy 2

    5. Year 1 Literacy 5

    6. Year 1 Literacy 4

    7. Student ICT capability record sheet

    8. Year 1 Literacy 3

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Benefits of using Preschool technology activities

Integrating technology into preschool activities can yield numerous benefits for both children and educators. Firstly, technology provides a multi-sensory learning experience, engaging children visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically. Interactive apps and games can stimulate multiple senses, enhancing comprehension and retention of information. This multi-modal approach to learning allows children to explore concepts in different ways, catering to their individual learning preferences.

Secondly, technology activities can promote active learning and critical thinking skills. Preschoolers are encouraged to actively participate and make choices within the digital environment, fostering decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities. Through trial and error, they learn to navigate apps and programs, developing resilience and perseverance. This hands-on approach to learning cultivates a growth mindset and encourages children to embrace challenges and seek innovative solutions.

Additionally, technology provides instant feedback, allowing children to assess their progress and make adjustments accordingly. This immediate feedback loop promotes self-reflection and self-regulation, empowering preschoolers to take ownership of their learning. They can track their achievements, set goals, and celebrate their successes, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

Integrating technology into play-based learning

Play is the cornerstone of preschool education, and technology can seamlessly integrate into play-based learning experiences. 

Technology can enhance children's play, extending their imagination and providing new avenues for exploration.